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capacity building

proGective has developed two specific approaches for capacity building in foresight:

  • in the short and medium term, it focuses on developing human and technical skills in foresight at a professional level

  • in the long term, it engages in activities that raise collective awareness about foresight objectives (training, public conferences, publications).

creating an entity dedicated to foresight

Organizations (businesses, governments, NGOs, public authorities) are increasingly looking to acquire permanent in-house competency in foresight.

To facilitate this, some choose to create a foresight unit (department service, cell), others prefer to integrate one or two foresight experts into the existing organization.

proGective assists organizations in definning their foresight needs and constructing an architecture that is best adapted to the needs of the organization (unit design).

Whether the unit is already existing or new, we will strengthen the foresight capacity, through training, apprenticeships and coaching (competence building).

We assist the organization in the acquisition of necessary tools for its foresight unit (documentation, resource centre, dedicated computer softwares, methods, etc.). One such tool is the foresight information systems (SIP - systèmes d'information prospective), which proGective maintains and provides to clients with necessary training (resource system).

Finally, we advise decision makers on how they may use this competency, guaranteeing a level of quality and integration into the heart of the organization (environmental interfacing).

preparing the ground

As part of a broader, more general capacity building, we put great effort into public awareness about futures thinking and foresight knowledge through:

  • professional and university training

  • public conferences

  • publications, both scientific and general