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Foresight is concerned with not only the quality of knowledge but also the ability to give meaning to what we see, hear, read and feel -- which, in turn, contributes to understanding the potential shapes of the future.

This requires not only skills of synthesis but also a considerable analysis of information and research in the field.

From our toolbox, macrohistory —the study of transformation— is one of our more successful methods to better understand long-term developments.

proGective continuously develops new themes of futures-oriented expertise in particular areas of current interest. Some of the dated themes have been abandoned, some are remotely surveyed and others are continually being developed in detail. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

our approach

  • innovative thinking

    Foresight expertise related to futures-oriented issues is acquired in a number of ways:

    • confrontation with reality in the field

    • working first-hand with the data

    • encouraging openness to other cultures and their ways of thinking

    • putting aside the limits of one's own knowledge to consider another's knowledge and perspective.

  • using your critical mind

    proGective expertise is based in part on its own survey system and database, macroTrends, created and developed to improve the reading of developments that are often blurred by short-term perspectives, too much information and so-called pseudo-information.

  • making sense of reality

    A worldview and "Big Picture" are paradigmatic images derived from the ensemble of signs (trends, ruptures, weak signals) identified by the futurists. proGective has become a recognized specialist in this field.