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our themes of foresight expertise

Here is an outline of the main areas of future-oriented knowledge:

  • transition

    • Big Picture, macrohistory, worldviews

  • environment

    • human settlements, cities, housing

    • non-urban areas, rural world, agriculture

    • territories and territorial foresight

    • biosphere: climate change, drinking water, energy

  • society

    • ageing, demographic transition

    • next generation: education, intelligence, leadership, Z generation

    • mobility: transportation, ubiquity, mobile mind

    • values, behavior: gender issues, emergent issues

    • collective intelligence: swarming, social networks, participation

  • knowledge-based society/economy

    • quaternary management: innovative clusters, NGOs, think-tanks

    • exploration: cognition, space, hard science...

    • innovation, human capital, knowledge management

  • macro-politics

    • globalization, Mediterranean, Africa, Europe, Asia

    • regulations : governance, public policies, policy design

  • innovation

    • economic development: countries, territories, firms

    • transportation, basic needs

    • sustainable development, green development

  • impacts of S&T

    • GRIN: genomics, robotics, ICT, nanotechnology

    • biosciences: health, brain improvement

    • systemic impacts, singularity

  • risks

    • crisis: definition, anticipation, management, mediation

    • risk assessment, risk preparation

We also have an extensive knowledge about the following countries : Algeria, Australia, China, Colombia, Egypt, Italy, Japan, Korea, Morocco, Turkey, Uruguay…