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[Foresight Exercice]
Local Authority for Rambouillet Area (France)
, — 2011-2012
[Collective Thinking about the Futures of the Territory]
[Local Authority of Chevreuse Area]
Chevreuse, France — 2011
[Methodologies of Territorial Foresight]

Arras, France — October 20, 2010
[Foresight for observation and understanding]

Formation des DDE et DRE à Nancy, Toulouse, Rennes, etc.
Paris, France — 2008-2010
[The futures of the Ticino Canton]
Tessin Canton (Switzerland)
seminar IMAT (Institute of Tourism Management)
Lugano, Switzerland — April 09, 2006
[Relations between territories and foresight]
Seminar OIPR
Paris, France — January 27, 2005
[Results and Lessons from Regional Planning in France]
Regional Council of Limousin
Limoges, France — January 25, 2005
Foresight Creative Workshop about Plaine Commune Area
Plaine Commune, Agglomeration Community
Saint-Denis, France — 2004
[Foresight Expertise related to a Territorial Diagnosis of Limousin]
Regional Council of Limousin
Limoges, France — 2004
[Technology Foresight and Regional Competitiveness]
[Colombian National Program of Industrial and Technological Foresight]
Conseil et formation en prospective
Bogota, Colombia — 2004
[Participatory process for the Cantonal Master Plan]
Canton of Vaud (Switzerland)
Every ten years the Swiss cantons are obliged by law to revise their Master plan. Faced with the challenge of responding to economic, social and environmental changes, which take shape on a Swiss and European scale, the new PDCN must give priority to new strategic methods and integrate sustainable development and consultation requirements. proGective was chosen to lead this mission from 2003 to 2005 and was associated with Daniel CHARLOU of Nouveaux Territoires for the consultation phase.
Lausanne, Switzerland — 2003-2004
[Future-oriented Diagnosis of the Grand Roannais Area]
Prospective diagnosis : Reconversion mission
Roanne, France — 2003
[Towards a Legitimating Initiative]
OIPR [European Forum of Regional and Local Foresight]
Lille, France — December 17-18, 2001
[Synthetical analysis of the futures visions from the Regions]
[French Ministry of Infrastructures]
This report has been published as: "Quand les territoires pensent leur futur" by Fabienne GOUX-BAUDIMENT, Lyon: CERTU, 2000.
Paris, France — 1999-2000
[Territories' Human Resource]
IAE [Institute of Business Administration] de Caen
Caen, France — 2000
[Scientific Direction of the Symposium "Competitiveness of the Territories in the 21st Century"]
[Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dunkerque]
The competitivity of territories in the XXI century. Meeting organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dunkerque, the 27 and 28/9/2000.
Dunkerque, France — 2000
[Territories and Innovation]
[General Council of la Manche, conference Successfull Manche]
Caen, France — 1999
[From planning to contractualization]
Cerisy conference
Cerisy, France — 1999
[Reading Grids of Territorial Foresight]

Atelier interrégional de prospective
Arras, France — 2011
[European project ACHILLE / programme ADAPT]
Territorial foresight concerning the areas of Urbania and Ascoli Pisceno (Italy).
Bologna, Italy —