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Geopolitical, technological, environmental, health, food risks... the list goes on. What defines a risk today? What degree of probability of occurrence should be taken into account? Is it better to prevent or cure? What is the threshold of social, economic and political acceptability of taking (or not taking) a risk?

risk assessment

The assessment of risk is a major strategic factor. Our systems approach in this area permits an assessment which is as complete as possible.

Risk Assessment & Horizon Scanning (RAHS) and Foresight
National Security Coordination Centre, Singapore (Prime Minister's Office)
Paris, France — July 08, 2009

anticipatory mediation

When risk is identified, the threat it poses can sometimes be defused through mediation -- that is, a way to open and/or improve dialogue between disputants. Foresight makes it possible to move the field of dialogue from the present to the future facilitating negotiation of risk assessment with a better knwoledge of the time scope of this risk at issue.


What is a crisis? What makes a crisis "long"? How do we manage a crisis (crisis communication, crisis management, disaster management, etc..)? Will any risk lead to a crisis? Who are the protagonists in a crisis and how should we deal with them?