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foresight, for what?

Foresight aims to:

  • understand undergoing major changes and anticipate the transformations that might happen;

  • help to adapt to change;

  • choose and shape one's own future.

What can foresight bring to an organization, whatever its nature: national or international, local or multinational, governmental or not, from the public or the private sector, corporate or institution, formal or not?

Today more than ever before, top-level executives need to understand what is going on in the world. Key trends in politics, economics, science and technology (S&T), environment and even culture have an impact on every business. To manage effectively executives must know how these trends will affect their organizations.

Foresight brings answers to the following key questions:

  • what is happening in the world? where is it going?

  • how are we? where are we heading?

  • where do we want to go? and how?