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proGective's approach

In face of complex or emergent issues —such as the development of a territory (country, area, city…), ageing, consequences of gender imbalance, sustainable energy, impacts of rupture or breakthrough, global management, human development, etc.— the foresight approach used by proGective offers:

  • an in-depth understanding of the situation, based on:

    • a dynamic diagnosis including the study of the long-term structural drivers,

    • critical and comparative thinking both in time and space)

    • a comprehensive and explanatory synthesis of the present

  • a description of the "futures nodes" (major issues blocking some principle directional lines of the future) that the given territory or organization has encountered or will meet; this description will include:

    • an exploratory approach of the representations and trends

    • an analysis of the factors of change and their impact

    • the identification of futures nodes that the client will encounter today or tomorrow

  • a collective building of the desired future and the means by which to reach it, through:

    • the expression of visions of desirable futures

    • the consensual choice of a desired future

    • the definition of a path to get there (backcasting)

    • the research and creation of an effective capacity to carry out the desired future