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proGective is structured based on several distinct and complementary activities:

  • a consultancy and study department that validates R&D results at grass roots level and identifies and meets new needs and emergent phenomena. In a constantly changing environment, the consultancy and study department incarnates the very essence of proGective, reflecting an expertise in developping an operational ‘French prospective’ tailored to these new needs.

  • a self-financed research and development activity that is well connected to the active foresight community. proGective is a member of the principal international foresight networks and research groups and contributes regularly to the world futurist community through research and leadership. This involvement subsequently nourishes proGective’s research, leading to the development of new concepts and methodologies which are disseminated through publications and communications.

  • trends analyses that are based on ongoing data collection in some sixty comprehensive fields ranging from human rights to space technologies to metropolitan development. This data collection provides ongoing support to futures-oriented "reading and synthesis grids".

  • finally proGective continually promotes Futures Studies / foresight/ ‘prospective’ through participation in scientific or steering committees and as a fellow of the international community.