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two new areas of development: broad recognized expertise and strong international focus

proGective's competitive advantage lies in its capacity to dig into new fields and not to plough continuously through the same old ones.

The company was re-structured in 2002 to increase its scope of of expertise, including a more attuned approach to the emerging international market.

While territorial foresight remains our most recognized competency, we have developed an expertise in particularly complex and novel studies and projects requiring the most sophisticated of analysis.

Through this development, the expertise of proGective is now that of comprehensive foresight (and not only territorial foresight). proGective is gaining recognition through its sustained contribution to published scientific research while receiving regularly contracts in new areas such as energy, the Mediterranean, agriculture, education, etc.

proGective’s reputation is well-established as not only a methodologist in Futures Studies but also a specialist in futures-oriented contents, i.e. subjects that are concerned with the future such as education, energy, etc.

The international orientation of proGective began in 2001 when the number of foreign clients started increasing. In 2005, Fabienne GOUX-BAUDIMENT, director of proGective, was elected president of the World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF), a recognition of the importance of proGective in the international community.

In 2006, more than 50% of proGective's activites were carried out abroad.

1994 to 2000, from creation to consolidation

proGective's status as a limited liability company was granted in August 1994; the first call for a contract tender was won in September 1994.

The development of growth management has been pursued in a number of areas:

  • recruitment and staff management (up to eight employees

  • commercial development (business breakfasts, newsletter ANTIDOTE, events, launching of the website in 1998)

  • structuring of the back-office and ongoing improvement of systems (resource centre, databases, trends analysis system and indexing)

  • launch of an Italian subsidiary company (which was transformed into a network of partners following the election of the BERLUSCONI government).

The credibility and competency of proGective are built on client satisfaction and the quality of our publications.