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A serious foresight study is based on knowledge. Information must be collected, cross-checked, analyzed, indexed and properly stored.

To do so, proGective is supported by a large internal database and an efficient survey system. Above all, proGective uses a macrohistorical approach, essential in making sense of the collected information.

Thus we are able to help our clients to explore the future in terms of content and process.

environmental scanning

  • identification of emerging fields to be surveyed

  • spotting of the weak signals and seeds of change

  • verification and critical analysis of information

creating Futures-oriented Information Systems (SIP)

  • contribution to the definition of the processing database

  • development of a 'reading grid' adapted to the needs

  • training of users

to make sense of the information

  • verification of the coherence and relevance of data

  • use of macrohistory to identify structural drivers

  • search for an in-depth understanding of changes