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we trust our partners

proGective has chosen the path of cooperation instead of competition.

This corresponds with our philosophical standpoint regarding trust as a more valuable asset than competition. This choice is anchored in the fact that there are few qualified futurists in France: our strength lies in our collective number.

This is why we have created partnerships with colleagues with proven professional qualifications. We do not intend to offer the best deal to “a bunch of our friends”, but to create a real network based on competency, reliability, transparency and trust.

The future of all the knowledge-based professions closely depends of this new rule of openness and collaboration.

French partners

foreign partners

  • Kairos Future AB Mats LINDGREN - Stockholm/Sweden - futures studies (European values, executive training)

  • Futures Studies Mannermaa Ltd. Mika MANNERMAA - Piispanristi/Finland - futures studies (methodology)

  • SCIENTER Monica TURRINI... - Bologne/Italy - European training and projects