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operational foresight

Foresight is sometimes criticized for being too intellectual, as some distant reflection with no practical applications.

Yet the French 'prospective' (foresight) was solely invented to support practical decision-making and its implementation. It aims to solve current or future problems, to facilitate strategic decision-making and to manage change within organizations or territories.

This is why proGective deploys the following three pragmatic approaches to futuring:

to anticipate probable futures

  • anticipation of the trends, ruptures/breakthroughs and possible points of inflection

  • analysis of the major developments and challenges (mindmap)

  • workshops “to think the unthinkable” (what if?)

to build and organize the foresight capacity and activity

  • architecture of futures-oriented exercises

  • creation or reorganization of a department of foresight

  • creation and development of a futures-oriented information system (SIP)

  • capacity building: training and implementation of a permanent foresight system

to formalize the desirable futures

  • mobilization of the involved actors

  • participatory processes support

  • interface and technical assistance