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One of the main challenges we encounter is keeping an alert mind. By doing so, we do not opt for the easy way out; we do not sink into a routine; and we do not resort to rash behavior in an urgent situation.

It is difficult to revisit one's understanding systematically, to open oneself up consistently to new ideas, to start from zero -or almost- on a continual basis.

Scientific think-tanks —different from advocacy think tanks— are an essential instrument for this ongoing reflection.

Thus proGective greatly appreciates being a member of the following think-tanks:

  • Transit-City

    The best French think-tank dedicated to thinking about the futures of the city and urban lifestyles.

  • The Foresight Network

    Collaborative strategic thinking.

  • Network of Think Tanks for Developing Countries

    The NTTDC is a virtual platform (workplace) for exchanging knowledge and best practices between think-tanks across the globe.

  • The European Futurists Conference

    The Advisory Board is the guiding force behind the European Futurists Conference Lucerne. It unites the directors of the most important academic and business oriented futures research and futures studies institutes in Europe.