Who We Are

Founded in August 1994 by Fabienne GOUX-BAUDIMENT, proGective was born from the desire to create an intellectually and financially independent place dedicated to operational foresight.

At the same time a research laboratory, an horizon-scanning tool and an awareness and training center, proGective SAS is, first and foremost, an advisory tool serving public and private organizations, to face concretely and positively the changes underway and to come.

It relies on a network of reliable and competent partners, mostly bilingual, to supplement its knowledge (specialists), expand its intervention capacity (futurists, facilitators, consultants, trainers) and provide additional services (learning expedition, innovation management, illustration & communication, marketing, etc.).


Anticipation to enlighten action, this “intellectual indiscipline” (Pierre MASSE), born in the 1950s, seeks to see “far, wide and deep to think of Man, all together, and take risks” (Gaston BERGER)
It makes it possible to identify, analyse and understand the forces at work that structure the future: heavy or emerging trends, seeds for the future, ruptures in the making, but also aspirations and cultural changes.
It expresses a critical look, a non-conformist spirit, in search of alternative solutions. It is a philosophy of change, an instrument for exploring possibilities and a tool for building a chosen future.
Because foresight is, above all, a collective exercise of human will to shape the future (Fabienne GOUX-BAUDIMENT).

Vision and mission

Our goal: to understand the world ahead and help our clients prepare for it, either by adapting to it or by shaping their own future.
Our credo: methodological optimism. An unwavering faith in the ability of human beings to progress.
Our working tool: foresight in all its forms, participatory, collaborative, exploratory, normative … but always operational to be useful, and advanced to be at the forefront of developments rather than frozen in obsolete conceptions.
Our modalities of action  :

  • strategic and operational advice, on any medium-long term issue, involving the transformation of an organization (company, public institution, NGO), human activities (work, agriculture, economy, etc.) or a territory (from cities or countryside to State-level or world regions) ;
  • awareness-raising and action-based training: seminars for governing bodies (Boards), learning expedition for high potentials, internal or public conferences, collective intelligence workshops, design of training programs;
  • research and study on key issues requiring a different perspective (futures-oriented, structural and systemic) on the subject: Africa, agriculture, education, climate change, energy, city, digital transformation, creation of human value, development of human resources … As we are at the “tip of the arrow”, we work on all sectors of major importance for tomorrow.



It leads us to believe that every human being is free, responsible for his/her actions, equal in law and rich in potential. Inalienable foundation of foresight, it is also the deep motivation of for proGective’s efforts to build the world of tomorrow, to raise awareness and educate the world of today and to advocate a humanity “one and indivisible”, in line with the Teilhardian evolutionist thought.


More than an emotion, it is a transforming and energizing force, a positive energy that we must call upon to serve our clients and partners, but also to mobilize in the groups we lead. Its virality makes it a formidable source of propagation of constructive ideas and visions.


In our actions, our words, our interpersonal relationships, it guides our individual search for precision, clarity and transparency; it explains why we easily transfer our knowledge to our clients, why we trust our partners, why we also do not give in to compromise, nor do we violate what we consider right.


We combine the values ​​that inspire us –Humanism, Joy and Uprightness– with the fundamentals of our business –foresight, transformation, collaboration– to achieve the intrinsic objectives of all our actions and missions.


A futurist has, by vocation, an acute sense of time. Not only its historical or anticipatory depth but also the perception of its limited allocation: so little time to do so many things… Usefulness of the time spent so (on a study, in meeting, on the move) but especially usefulness of our services for the client, hence the use of operational foresight.


The feeling of accelerated time resulting from the multiplicity of tasks accomplished (mania for meetings, digital ubiquity) leads to a real nervous exhaustion –the burn-out. It is rooted not only in stress but also in disconnection from the natural world and the loss of meaning resulting from progressive mental isolation. Being present to others, to oneself and to all that surrounds us facilitates reflection, allows empathy and leads to new awareness or ways of seeing things.


Be useful, operational and present to give meaning to projects, teams and visions of the future. This is our commitment, a willingness to serve a challenge. Because meaning lights the path, dispels fears, mobilizes energies and gives a purpose . Whatever the genius of an idea, if it does not make sense to those responsible for its implementation, it will never transform reality.