Our know-how

The characteristic of the human being is his ability to take into account the future. Ours is to identify and document tomorrow’s issues to help you make the most of them.


Strategic consulting and operational support for any transformation process within an organization or territory.


Capacity Building

Preparation for change (conferences, workshops, training) and upskilling (foresight units, spaces for innovative and futures thinking and debates).



Mobilization of foresight knowledge for a deeper understanding of current and future issues.


Research, Innovation, Pioneering

Because the coming world is new, we need new ways of thinking, new insights, new connections, new patterns …

25 years of expertise to think the world of tomorrow

Attentive to the general concern about the future and the absence of effective decision-making in face of increasingly more complex situations, proGective uses foresight to face these new challenges. It makes it an operational tool, able to help the decision-maker not only to make choices but also to implement them in the best possible conditions of sustainability.

An agile and dynamic structure, proGective meets its clients’ needs by developing futures-oriented solutions on a case-by-case basis.

A requirement for competence



proGective CEO

Supports public and private decision-makers in France and around the world.

Provides concrete input for their futures-oriented and strategic thinking.


Evelyne KOENIG

proGective Administrative and Financial Officer

Provides good quality follow-up.

Is attentive to facilitate business administration.

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